Newest Power Puff Girl Brings Backlash of Racist Comments Over Makeup Look

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Over on Instagram, it’s still a fairly lawless land where kids and kid-minded adults can comment pretty much whatever rolls off their tongues (or phone keyboards). Such was the case recently for makeup artist Amarie Proctor, who posted her makeup tribute to Bliss, the latest addition to the Power Puff Girls cartoon lineup. The issue, you see, is that Bliss is the first black PPG. And in our increasingly intolerant society, that means even a cute post on Instagram can become a social statement to rally around, or against.

At first, comments on Amerie’s post were supportive for both her makeup work and the inclusive direction Cartoon Network headed in with their Bliss character. But then the racially-oriented criticism began, with comments like: “I’m not being racist, however it’s racist to like a character or person mainly for their skin. You shouldn’t relate to character only because they have the same skin tone as you.” From there, some comments grew darker and more racist, with people taking sides and becoming combative. Next thing you know, the post had over 50,000 likes and 1,400 comments.

Black Entertainment Television picked up the story on their website, giving Proctor a chance to tell her side of the tale without all the clutter and name-calling of her followers and detractors. “Racists never crossed my mind before posting the picture, so it caught me off guard. I was genuinely so happy about there even being a Black PowerPuff and that I had done a makeup look to correspond with her,” she told BET.

But it seems the makeup look itself was lost in the controversy. Some have accused Amarie of capitalizing on this misfortune, using her sudden insta-fame to boost her social media following. And perhaps she is guilty of that. But in this era of Kardashians and Jenners and pablum people who are famous simply for being famous… isnt’ that how it’s done?

You can see more of Amerie Proctor and follow her over on instagram: @amarieproctor

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