You’re In The Army Now: Style Tips for Wearing Camo

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In the fashion world, announcing that military looks will be popular next season is kind of like saying the sun will rise again tomorrow. Camouflage never seems to go out out of style, as evidenced by endless influensters spotted wearing camo pants and jackets everywhere from the streets to gala events. But if throwing on an old Army jacket makes you feel totally FUBAR,  our handy style pointers will have you feeling like less of a gaudy grunt in no time.  Ooorah!!!


rihanna in camouflage army pants

Unless you’re actually in the armed services (or just want to look like a terrorist), head-to-toe camo doesn’t make good fashion sense. Aim for one ‘hero’ item instead, like Rihanna’s army fatigue pants (pictured) and then add some ‘civilian’ items for balance.


beyonce army jacket

Military items often have a big, baggy, formless fit that makes them a bit too masculine. But you can soften the blow by complimenting with more feminine or form-fitting items like a tank top and skinny jeans that flatter your figure. Here, Beyonce’s cash-money distressed shorts and fishnets confirm she’s not quite ready for battle.



Black and white are your safe options with camo, like black skinny jeans and a white tee under a big, baggy army jacket. But camo also mixes well with bold colors. Try using one eye-catching color for contrast,  such as Beyonce’s maroon pants,  and then leave the rest to neutral tones.


Animal prints, chevron patterns, hounds tooth and other busy patterns battle for attention when worn with camo. There’s no hard and fast rules, it really just depends on how chaotic you want to look. But when in doubt, leave the patterns out.


Now this is the fun part! The great thing about camo is that nearly every bauble and bead and piece of bling clashes, so everything suddenly becomes fair game. Here, the late/great Tupac Shakur’s huge gold medallion stands out from all that army pattern thanks to a simple white tee for a backdrop. You could just as easily throw an arm party with a bunch of bracelets, a Madonna-esque bow in your hair or whatever floats your boat. The sky’s the limit, so go big or go home.

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