Rihanna, Bungee Cords and Mountains of Sugar Steal the Show at New York Fashion Week

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There was a time not so long ago when Rihanna was just a humble singer trying to make a living. Wait, what? She’s never been known to be humble, and with over 200 ‘album’ sales worldwide to her credit, the multi-talented star is far from being a struggling musician. Nor is she a struggling designer these days, it seems. After taking on the role of Creative Director for Puma 2 years ago, her Fenty x product line was met with quick success. This is no doubt in part to weight her name brings to the equation, as well as her reputation for zigging and zagging creatively while maintaining quality. And unlike some of her contemporaries (cough, cough, Kanye West, cough)  her ventures into the fashion world seems met with longevity and should shine bright like a diamond for years.

Such was obvious at New York Fashion Week recently, where the singer’s latest Fenty x Puma SS18 line seems to be what everyone’s talking about.  Or rather, it was the show’s antics that stole the show. From a runway covered in piles of pink sugar, to motocross cyclists and models with bungee-corded hair, it was the stage production that captured our attention. But nothing so outlandish as to shock or alienate any part of the crowd or make us forget they’re really selling shoes and athletic wear. Just good, clean choreographed fun popular entertainer who understands the value of entertainment. And with the world wound up tight like it hasn’t been since the Cold War era, maybe our industry could use a little more fun these days…

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