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BeautyLook is very pleased to introduce you to makeup artist Hayley Kassel for our very first Friday Featured Artist.  Hayley hails from Los Angeles, California and has been published before in our print magazine.  We were impressed not only with the exceptional quality of her work, but also the quality of talent she works with.  You can definitely expect to see her featured again in our upcoming January 15th issue of BeautyLook Magazine.

Hi Hayley!  How did you get started with makeup artistry, and working with models?

I got started with makeup artistry in an actual professional way after I attended Make Up First School Of Makeup Artistry about a year and a half ago.  The day after I received my certification I hit the ground running and contacted a friend of of mine, Josh Filauri, who was at the time a photography student at Columbia College. After our first photo shoot together, I knew I had found my passion!  I then created online portfolios on various sites such as ModelMayhem, Facebook, etc.  And from there on just started networking and trying to connect with the right professionals on an everyday basis.

What is your favorite part of the job? Least-favorite?I feel as though my specialty would be creating a dewy natural makeup look or going for the extreme avante-garde look.  I know, I know, those are both completely opposite from each other, but that is what I am usually booked for and have been doing since the beginning.

My favorite part of the job is the collaboration to make a work of art.  It’s not just a one man/woman job.  Everyone plays a key role, and I love bouncing ideas off of the other hairstylists, designers, photographers, stylists, etc.  And when everyone is on the same page and our visions all get to come together, it is a truly magical experience.

My least favorite part is honestly the people who think they don’t need to pay.  It baffles me that there are SOO many jobs out there that say, 8 hour shoot, 2 models, 3 different makeup looks, $50 for the day… that’s not right or fair at all!  And the thing that kills me is, there will always be the makeup artist, just starting out, who will take that job. But taking those kinds of jobs makes the individuals who are posting them think that that amount of pay is okay!  And its not!

What inspires you right now?

At the moment, things that have been inspiring me are nature pictures. It sounds weird, I have a whole Pinterest board of animal shots and close ups on rocks and trees, but the color combination that is found in nature is truly stunning.  Looking at photos like that gives me various ideas for makeup looks.

What haven’t you done yet as a makeup artist, but would like to?

I would loovvveee to travel, for work that is.  I follow some makeup artists who are flying all over the world to do these intricate beautiful shoots, and that’s what I aspire for.  The day I get paid to fly to Iceland to do makeup for a shoot will be a day to remember.

If you could see your work published in any magazine, which would that be?

It may sound cliche, but if I could see my work in any magazine I wanted, it would be Vogue.

How do you deal with clients who show you a magazine and say, “Make me look like this!”

If a client ever wants me to make them look like a celebrity or super model, I’ll tell them, “I’ll do the makeup look you want, but I’ll make it fit you.  Don’t strive to look like someone else, be the most beautiful you.  Confidence is the most powerful and beautiful thing.”

Are there any favorites or must-have products you recommend?

Oh yes!  I have a couple favorite products in my kit!  First and foremost, Chaos Makeup highlighters.  They are extremely pigmented and come in rainbow colors and the usual golds, silvers, whites, etc.  I use them for everything, eyes, lips, skin.

They give off such a dewy glow to the skin!  I also really love Inglot lipsticks because they come in a metallic circle, that you can pop right into a Z-palette, and create your own custom palettes. Lastly, I really love using Cinema Secrets foundation/concealer palettes.  It’s 5 different shades of foundation/concealer for a very good price, and really does a great job to make the skin look nice and fresh.

Find Hayley on the web:
Instagram: @hkassel