Model Advice: Thoughts, Words & Actions

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By Jax Turyna, Modeling Editor

In the entertainment and modeling worlds (like most other industries)  life can get hectic.  Sometimes when you think you have it all scheduled perfectly… things don’t work out as anticipated.  And that means scurrying around and shifting priorities to make it all happen.  With so much outside your control, it is sometimes difficult to determine where you should put your efforts.  And during the most trying of times in your life, it can be hard to stay positive and stay the course.  When that happens, I try to re-balance myself with what my goals are.

I live my life with this simple statement: “Thoughts + Words + Actions = Reality.”  Every day, I make my plans based on what I want to accomplish that day.  I think about it, I say it, and then I do the things necessary to achieve them.  By doing this I attract help to myself that I may need from the world.  Seems simple, but it takes practice.  We are bombarded every day with negativity, and you can’t let that stop you.  Remain positive and focused on what it is you are wanting to accomplish, and ask the universe to help you.  Each minute is an opportunity to turn things around and if you can dream it, it can be your reality.

Try this simple test to prove to yourself that it can work: next time you are heading out to the store, say to yourself: “I will hit all the green traffic lights.  There will be a parking space close to the door when I arrive.  I will be safe in my travels and will be able to find what I need quickly.”  Then head out the door and pay attention to what happens.  It is a basic, simple thing that you will find helps make mundane tasks go as smoothly as possible, and to accomplish them as easily as possible.  When you have proven to yourself that it works, apply the same reasoning to larger things.  

Life is within your control, so take control of your life!  The universe is always there to help you, when it is for the good of you and all the things around you.  Tap into that!  Accomplish your dreams and make 2014 The BEST year ever!!

Photo:  Jax Turyna (model)  Jim Jurica (Photography)