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This Fall… the styles are all about menswear, oversized plaids, hounds tooth, fur, leather and punky accessories.  There’s a lot to love with these rich, easygoing styles.  But how are they for petite women?  You might think this isn’t going to be your season.  But with just a few adjustments, you can sport the trendiest of fashions and still look spectacular.  Let’s take a look at how…


The menswear style fashions on ladies are huge for this Fall.  Long jackets and fitted pants could sometimes overwhelm the petite woman.  So what can you do to adapt that look for your size?  One of my favorite things I have seen is the coat dress: all one fabric, slightly more fitted and with stylish detailing.  Keeping it all one fabric helps extend your height.  You might want to add same-color tights or hose to continue the look, shoulder to toe.

When looking at purchasing something like this, look for a solid color or muted stripe instead of a bold hounds tooth pattern.  This way you will not add width to your small frame.

Another option for you would be a simple sheath dress – belted – and with a fitted blazer over it for work .  Or without the jacket for an evening look.    Again, pick a solid color or pinstripe to keep the eye moving up and down instead of across your body.  If it is pants that you prefer, then keep them fitted through the waist and hips, maybe with a cuffed dress pant to keep up with the menswear theme.

If you want to add more patterns like hounds-tooth or larger plaids, you can add that with a scarf or blouse where you see just a hint of it, instead of a larger portion of your body. When wearing men’s styled clothing I do like to make sure I add some jewelry to keep it feminine. A strand of pearls, a gold chain necklace around the neckline and cuff bracelets are all good options.  Use caution when accessorizing so that you don’t add too much.  Keep accessories to three items at most, and not to overwhelm the look.


Coats are over-sized as well this year and the trench coat is one of the hottest styles.  In looking at wearing one on a petite woman it is best to opt for the shorter car-length styles (landing just below your hip) as opposed to the full length ones.  Look to purchase them in the petite departments, as altering them frequently takes away many of the styling details found on the cuffs of these coats.  I like the belted variety to keep it more fitted.


Needing a more casual look?  No problem!  Pair your favorite skinny jeans with a more oversized sweater or shirt.  If you prefer a wider leg jean, pair that with a fitted top.  Depending on your build, this is a good time to wear a bold strip or plaid.  Flats are always a good choice too with either of these looks, and less bulky than your athletic shoes and comfortable to wear all day.  Add a skinny belt and you are right on point with the style, without adding width to your small frame.

There are a lot of fun fashion trends this Fall, and being petite doesn’t mean you can’t take wear them.  Small adaptations will keep the petite woman in style and looking her best, while still wearing the most up to date looks, all season long.