Do It Yourself Makeup: Wing It! (With a Double-Winged Liner)

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If you’re heading out on Halloween night dressed like Cat woman, nobody’s going to fault you (much!) for tacky eye makeup.  And let’s face it, a winged eyeliner is one of the more difficult techniques to really master.   But one wing is never enough!  So once you’ve nailed down a single line, why not go for a bigger, bolder eyeliner statement with a DOUBLE wing?  Unlike Halloween, creating this look isn’t scary as it sounds.

The trick to a double wing is getting the top wing right, first.  Most people make the mistake of working from the eye and lash line and extending outwards, which can set them up for disaster.  Your wing will probably end up spotty or crooked, and won’t watch match the other side when you’re done.

Instead, start by placing your liner where you envision the wing ending, then drag the line inwards towards the end of your lash.  This creates a more solid, accurate wing that connects with the rest of the  eyeliner.  The technique is the same for pencil, liquid, gel or a pot and brush.

Once you have the perfect top wing, repeat the process for the bottom and make sure it is stays parallel to the top wing.  Start underneath the end of the top wing and drag inward to the bottom lash line, to connect with your already lined lower lash line.  The length and thickness of the wings are an artistic choice based on the look you’re going for.

Double Winged Eyeliner

TIP:  To make sure there is enough separation between the two wings, grab a white eyeliner pencil and lightly line in-between the two wings.  From far away the wings will appear separate and distinct, and close up they will appear accurate and precise.

FINISHING THE LOOK:  If you’re heading out for a photo shoot or night on the town, try pairing this winged liner look with a bold red lip.  For a more simple day look, pair the double wings with a nude or neutral colored lip .


Makeup & article:  Sabrina DiGiovanni
Model:  Iryna Kindilevych / photo:  Jim Jurica