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I see London, I see France… And thanks to the marketing genius of Victoria’s Secret we can now see your underpants walking down the runway on prime time TV.  What were once “unmentionables” are now HOT couture, and far from secret.  The supermodel-driven VS empire controls nearly one-half of sales in the 14 billion dollar a year lingerie industry.   They’ve turned America’s butts into to billboards, with millions of young women advertising the PINK logo on their boy shorts, sweats and yoga pants.

But a stigma still remains in the modeling world with regards to lingerie.  So many models feel comfortable (or at least… accepting of) wearing swimwear for a photo shoot… but refuse to model lingerie.  The irony being that often, the swimwear can be far more revealing.  What you are willing to wear at photo shoots is very much a personal choice.  But it’s hard to blame models when our Western society still acts a little bipolar when underwear is visible in images and ads.  We love to see it, but pretend we don’t.

In my own experiences as editor of BeautyLook, I’ve seen this double standard between swimwear and lingerie played out with our own Facebook advertising.  Our attempts to run ads with contributing model Jax Turyna in a cutesy pose and wearing modest boy-cut undies were rejected as inappropriate for general audiences.  The ad was accepted only after we swapped in a much more sexy and revealing butt-side image of Jax in a bikini.  Go figure.

Lingerie modeling is definitely an issue where many pick sides and we want to hear YOUR thoughts on this issue.  Are you willing to model lingerie or not?  And why is there such a difference of opinions on how swimwear and lingerie modeling are perceived?  Send us your comments and experiences, and we’ll publish as many of you as we can in our January issue of BeautyLook.

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Onward and upward!

Jim Jurica, BeautyLook Editor