Featured Model: Jax Turyna

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In an industry that turns over models quicker than burgers at a fast food chain, model and actress Jax Turyna has not only managed to make a name for herself, but also stick around and keep building upon previous successes.  Never one to let the word “no” stop her, this petite powerhouse has appeared in national TV shows and print ad campaigns, commercials, billboards, print magazines, runway shows, websites and more.  In 2013, she earned the title of being the most-published female cover artist in the romance novel industry, with over 200 covers to her credit.  We have been fortunate to have Jax as the unofficial face of BeautyLook Magazine since day one,  and for our one year anniversary issue, we turn the spotlight back to our resident model-savant and  welcome you into the world of Jax…

Tell us about your very first photo shoot experience.  What was that like, and how have you changed as a model since then?

My very first photo shoot was actually in New York city, prior to me actually deciding to pursue modeling.  I remember having a  very freeing feeling.  I loved it.  I was able to freely express myself without fear or worry of others’ opinions.  Some of the images came out great and others…  well, they were pretty funny.  But all in all, it was at that shoot that I knew this is what I had to do.  From that shoot forward I would like to think I still bring a freshness to my work.  However, I think I am also more consistent with better more appropriate posing for the shoot.

Has the industry changed since you started modeling?

Yes, I think it has changed a lot.  When I first started modeling there were just a few internet sites that were for the industry.  Now there’s Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and so on.  Models can connect not only with potential clients, but also with their fans.  I think it has worked in favor of bringing fresh faces to the industry that might not otherwise have had opportunities.


Has being petite helped your career in any way?

Actually, I think that being petite has been a gift.  It has caused me to work harder, push myself more, and always give everything I have in me to every single gig.  I need to break the perception that petite models aren’t worthy of big things.  As I say in my blog: Petite Girls Rock!

Are there opportunities for petite models in fashion and runway?

Yes there are some opportunities for petite models in fashion and runway.  Not as many as there are for taller models, but it is slowly changing.  I have had several opportunities to work runway shows.  As time moves forward and designers realize more and more that the Petite market is bigger than almost any other fashion market, I can see the demand for petite models  increasing.  The standards are changing, but as with any change, it takes time

In your own words, tell us about some of the highlights of your television appearances and accomplishments:

I have had the privilege to co-host the Mancow TV show regularly this year.  It is always something different and very improvisational on the show.  You never know what will happen next.  But working with such a great, talented group of people who are so supportive has been amazing.  It has also brought forth many opportunities for me such as filming for God, Guns and Automobiles on the History Channel.  Being on Friday Night Fights for ESPN as a guest ring card girl.  Attending events and meeting all sorts of celebrities and interesting people.  Live Radio/TV is and adventure and I love it!  I’m looking forward to doing more

How important is the support of family and friends in this industry?

The support of my family and friends is crucial in this industry.  They help keep me focused and grounded.  They have helped in so many ways, from actual work to just listening when I need a sounding board.  Without them I could not have possibly accomplished what I have.  It is their support and help, along with my drive and determination that continues to allow me to grow.

With a typical day that starts early, ends late, and goes seven days a week… how do you keep organized and rested with such a busy schedule?

Rest and organization are always a challenge with a busy schedule.  For me, rest is NOT optional.  I need to get my sleep, so I work it into my daily schedule to ensure that I get enough rest to be able to accomplish what I need to the next day.  Self employment takes discipline and  staying organized, making a plan and sticking to it, and using every minute as best you can.  Life sometimes happens, and flexibility is necessary  –   but having a plan each day helps put you back on track.

Is there a favorite experience or funny story you can share from the past four years of modeling and acting?

One of the best parts of modeling and acting is that you are always in for an experience.  Meeting new people, seeing new places, and always being able to portray a new character or emotion.  It is never the same thing twice and I guess that is what I love the most.

Most of my funny stories are connected to a shoot.  I remember once, on my way back to the hotel after a thirteen hour shoot in L.A. I was stopped in a police DUI road block.  Or the time I had to go to a shoot in curlers.  On the way to the shoot I had to stop at a rest stop… people do look at you a little funny when you are walking around in the middle of the day in curlers.  I guess in this business you just have to laugh!

What’s the next big project on the horizon (that you can talk about)?

I am always working on several different things at the same time, both in modeling and in acting.  I usually can’t talk about projects until they’re announced, so all I can say now is that this journey so far has been outstanding and I know that the future will continue to be amazing.

Do you have a special message you would like to share with our readers and your fans?

I am so thankful for every single opportunity that I have had, and continue to receive.  I know that I could not do it alone and that the support I receive everyday from my friends, family and fans keeps me pushing forward.  No one can accomplish their dreams alone.  So from the bottom of my heart and with every fiber or my being… thank you all for the continued help, support and love.  I am grateful to have each and everyone of you in my life.

Jax on the web:  www.TheWorldOfJax.com

Photography:  Jim Jurica
Jewelry: Glitter, Inc. & LH Couture
Hair & makeup : Diem Angie
     Stephane St Jaymes
     Moda Muneca  (gold dress)