Beauty Gives Back: Charitable Hair Donations

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Beauty is a strange thing: we constantly obsess over our makeup and clothes.  And especially… our hair.  But what if one day you had no hair and there was nothing you could do about it?  You can’t imagine  that, right?

Thousands of children and teens lose their hair every day due to a variety of reasons: disease, cancer, burns and more.  Hair loss  at such a young age can be crippling to young minds on top of the illnesses they are already fighting.  Fortunately, organizations have sprung up in the beauty industry to combat this issue.

Want to know how to get involved?

Here in Chicago, most salons have teamed up with a charitable hair loss organization to accept hair donations.  Our salon works with Children with Hair Loss.  (   CWHL started in September 2000 as the one of the first nonprofit hair donating charities for children.  They provide hair pieces and wigs for children at no cost, and help kids who are not only fighting cancer but other diseases and disorders.  They provide custom human hair kits for over 300 children per year.  Organizations like CWHL provide the tools necessary for these children who have lost their hair due to medical illness, and give them the confidence and self-esteem they deserve to feel beautiful.

How can YOU be a part of a hair donating charity?  It’s quite simple: ask your salon (or a salon in your area) if they associate with an organization like CWHL.  If they do, they will have instructions that need to be followed.  If not, or you are donating on your own, instructions on how and where to send the hair can be found on your charity’s website.

The guidelines below for hair donations apply to most organizations:

  •  At least 8 inches long (some may require 10 inches in length… the longer, the better)
  • Braided or tied in a pony tail
  • Dry and clean
  • Chemically treated hair is usually accepted, however natural non treated hair is preferred

Beauty is such a delicate subject in this world.  If we can give the gift of hair back to these children, every opportunity to do so should be given!


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By Sabrina DiGiovanni