Do It Yourself Makeup: Make a Statement! With STATEMENT LIPS

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Why hide your beauty behind  a bland lip color?  Or some boring shade of red that your gramma wears to Red Hat Society meetings?  Bold lips are BIG this year and unusual colors are all the rage.

But how to pick the right lip hue for you?

Well, it starts by knowing the undertone to your skin.  To determine this, turn your palms up so you can see the veins along the underside of your arms.  If they are bluish, you have cool undertones.  If the veins appear more yellow or greenish, you have warm undertones.  If you can’t really tell which color you are, then your undertones are neutral and the world of makeup is yours to do with as you please.

The idea is to compliment your natural color, and not clash with the makeup or dull their effect.  Most of us have cool undertones, and the lip colors that work well are those that have a blue or pink tone to them.    Warmer undertones require lip colors with a yellow tone for a  glowing effect.

There is an exception to the rule, in that red colors with blue or pink tones  seem to work well with all skin types.  So consider that your last option this year, for days when you’re not feeling quite so bold…


Model:  Vartuhi Oganesyan, Makeup: Mercedes Headen

Article & Photography: Jim Jurica