Do It Yourself Makeup: BIG BROW KNOW-HOW

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Heavy, sculpted eye brows may have been a trend walking runways this Spring.  But the look is a bit heavy-handed for everyday street wear.  So we had professional hair and makeup artist Genell Banks take a lighter approach with our model, Becca, and show you how it’s done.

The key  to this look is to maintain and enhance the original, natural shape of your brows… not create a new shape with eyeliner pencil.

Start with grooming.  Ideally, the inside corner of your eyebrow will be in line with the inner corner of your eye.  You may need to do a little “browscaping” if stray hairs have taken over.  Plucking them with tweezers will do the trick, but if you’re squeamish you may want to look into threading or waxing, done by a pro.

Next, brush your brows into shape by working from the inner corner, upward and outward.  You can use a dedicated brow brush for this, but we’ve also seen plenty of makeup artists use a clean mascara brush or toothbrush instead.

If you have gaps in your eyebrows, these can be filled in with an eye shadow that most closely matches your brow color.  Most pros agree that eyeliner shouldn’t be used for this look, since it produces a less natural result.  If you must use an eyeliner pencil, be sure to brush your brows again after applying.

You can keep those brows looking good for hours by setting them in place.  A brow brush covered with clear mascara or hair spray, and lightly applied will do the trick.


Credit:  Makeup: Genell Banks,  Model:  Becca Tidaback

Article & Photography:  Jim Jurica