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By Nicole DiLeonardo

Fear not the trendsetters’ jargon and technological mumbo jumbo!  High definition makeup should not be cause for high anxiety.  High-Definition makeup (or Photo-Finish makeup) has become increasingly popular, but can be quite intimidating to those who just want a simple explanation.

So, where to begin?  And why is everyone in a tizzy over yet another cosmetic?  Well, it’s been a favorite of makeup artists for a few reasons.  It was originally created for stage, screen and runways, but since television has gone “Hi-Def” with 6x magnification, fine lines, dark spots and even the tiniest makeup mistakes can be seen with the naked eye.  This cosmetics’ purpose is to prep and camouflage the skin‘s imperfections, without looking like a mask.  High-definition makeup’s combination of micro fine particles (to even out skin tone) and light diffusers (to minimize the appearance of imperfections) make it an excellent choice for bridal makeup applications and photography.  MAC and Makeup Forever were the first high-definition pioneers, and other brands like Smashbox have followed suit.  Revlon has even introduced its own version since the “flawless but natural” look has become increasingly popular.

Whether on-screen or simply watching from the couch, every woman wants that flawless look with maximized benefits.  But this type of product can be pricey, so do your research.  Don’t just buy whatever Eva Longoria was wearing on Desperate Housewives.

Side note: Eva Longoria has apparent hyper-pigmentation, sans makeup, and it probably takes her four hours to get ready for one episode.  No one’s perfect.  Stop stressing out!

It’s a good habit to ask: what happens after the makeup is washed off at the end of the day?

Look for active ingredients such as vitamin C and peptides to help fade dark spots, even the skin tone ,and promote collagen production.  Many of the powder versions are also formulated with silica or dimethicone to inhibit the product from sneaking into fine lines.  If a brighter complexion is desired, products containing kojic acid, licorice root and hydroquinone are a sure thing.

See?  Your technology and you can live in harmony.  So go ahead and make your TV envious; even without makeup.