Do It Yourself Makeup: Blushing Beauty

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Blush is a great way to add healthy color to your skin and definition to your face Professional makeup artist Becky Smith shows us the right way to brush on blush.

Common advice is to smile and then apply blush to the “apples” of the cheeks (the fleshy area circled in red, to the right) and then work backwards. And this works well for younger people with perfect skin who can pull off baby doll looks.Apple of Cheeks

But for the rest of us, this technique results in too much blush, too low, and gives the appearance of lower cheekbones.  Smiling while applying makeup also creates unwanted wrinkles and creases, which make applying blush more difficult.

To lift the face and raise the cheekbones, a better approach is to apply blush higher up.  To find the correct placement, put a thumb in the top part of your ear and stretch your pointer finger out to  underneath your nose.  The diagonal line that this creates is where you want to apply the blush.

Tip:  Try making “fish lips” while working.  This stretches the skin tight and makes sure the blush isn’t applied too low.


Photo:  Jim Jurica  / Model:  Jax Turyna / Makeup & Hair: Becky Smith