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Trick of the Trade:
For Wardrobe Malfunctions
written by Kimberly Sayers

You’re going to a very important event in a gorgeous little black dress that makes you look skinny, fabulous, classy, and sexy.  As you arrive you realize that your bra strap keeps slipping, the stunning red shoes have torn a blister on your heel, and your car must have rubbed up against the dress before you left, decorating it with her silky, white fur.  How do you handle these little malfunctions?  No problem, here is some great advice for quick and easy solutions for these types of wardrobe malfunctions.

Keep Bra Straps and Gowns in Place

Cristina Ehrlich, New York-based stylist for A-list stars and spokeswoman for Pandora Jewelry, recommends in an article with Better Homes and Gardens using topstick to hold bra straps and gowns in place.  This cool invention that sticks to skin and fabric was originally used to secure toupees and wigs into place.  Now it has another important function:  keeping your bra strap in line.  You can find Vapon Topstick Clear Tape for $6 -8 at

Another solution for pesky bra straps is to not wear a bra with straps.  Instead, use stick-on bras for strapless dresses, tops, and gowns.  They cover well, and some even provide support.  These little miracles can be found at any department store, such as Target or Wal-mart,  ranging from $7 – $15.  Bring It Up Breast Shapers are available online for $34 along with other lingerie solutions.

Remove Pet Hair or Lint on the Go

Carry around a mini lint roller in your purse or car for removing any hair or lint which have decided to cling to your slacks, blouse, dress or gown.  There is nothing more annoying than a beautiful black blouse, dress or gown dotted with white pieces of hair or lint.  A set of two Scotch Mini Lint Rollers are available at most departments’ stores at about $4 – $5 for a set of two.  Another solution, if handy: a roll of Scotch tape or painters’ tape.  Roll it around your hand – sticky side out -and pat the area until all hair or lint is gone.

Moleskins or Clear Bandages to Protect Blisters

Use comfy gel Moleskins to protect blisters from your shoes.  Another solution is clear bandages; these work great and don’t draw attention if they peek out of your shoe.  Band-Aid Perfect Blend Clear bandages may also do the trick.  You can find them at any local drugstore for about $3, while Moleskins range from $3 –  $10 depending on the type and brand you purchase.

If you’re at an event where you will be on your feet all night, another tip to prevent blisters and soreness is to wear low heel shoes that are square and a little roomy in the toes.  This will allow your feet to expand and breathe   comfortably throughout the event.  Be careful not to select a pair of shoes that are too big, because they’ll slip off all night and rub to create blisters.

So, no worries ladies – with these handy tricks up your sleeve or bag, you will not suffer another wardrobe malfunction again!


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