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For a new model, your first agency interview is usually an exciting experience.   But it can also be frustrating or disappointing if you are turned down, or if you walk away feeling like you didn’t do your best.  Being prepared and knowing what to expect (or what is expected of you) can help your success rate.  So BeautyLook put together this quick guide to model agency interviews.


If this is your first agency meeting, it’s understandable you may be nervous.  There’s no reason to be!  Chances are pretty good you are already attractive enough to be a model. Now, you just need to show them that you are grace under pressure and can conduct yourself professionally.

Answer all interview questions completely and honestly.  And ask questions if you have them as well. But stick to the important information and don’t give away too much detail or take up too much of the interviewer’s time.  The more you speak outside of the direct interview answer, the more likely you may talk them out of their interest in you.


In the modeling industry, being on-time means being 15 minutes early. Your reputation is everything, and a reputation for being on time and prepared is perhaps even more valuable than your good-looks or talent.


You should bring the following with you to your interview:
– Print portfolio
– Resume
– Business Cards
– Comp Cards. A comp card is a printed card which contains your contact information, model stats (age, height, weight, sizes) and several of your portfolio images



Don’t walk into your meeting dressed up for a night on the town or a formal ball.  You should look like… yourself.  Makeup should be minimal and hair styling simple.  Agencies prefer to look at you as a blank canvas upon which clients and artists will paint their vision.

Dress to show your body type in a flattering, truthful way so the agency can  accurately assess you.  Be sure to wear something form-fitting like tight fitting jeans and a tank top.  They may specifically request a miniskirt or shorts, to show your legs.

Don’t try to misrepresent yourself or your body type with wardrobe like padded bras or items that artificially slim your waistline.  Shoes with heels are good to wear, but keep them under four inches.  You may be asked to take off your shoes during the interview, so that they can measure your true height.


During the interview you may be asked to stand up against a wall for a few snapshots.  This is common practice in the industry, and referred to as taking “polaroids.” A polaroid is a picture that agencies keep for their own internal use, and which shows what you look like without wardrobe styling or elaborate makeup.


Your agency meeting may only last a few minutes and feel anticlimatic afterwards. Remember, may have a large number of modeling hopefuls to meet with on any given day and can only devote a small amount of time with each of them.  Thank your interviewer for his or her time and don’t linger any longer than necessary. If you are turned down by the agency, you still need to be professional and gracious in defeat. Most models don’t get accepted when they are first staring out. Agencies usually allow another interview in 3-6 months and you can devote that time towards building a better portfolio, working on modeling skills, or applying to other agencies.


Always remember that you, as a model, are a product that an agency is selling to their clients.  Legitimate agencies make money by taking a percentage of the fees paid to the model by the client.  They do not charge models directly for their services.  Agencies which require you to pay a fee to be listed, or those which insist you need to hire a specific photographer to build your portfolio rarely have your best interests in mind.  They are simply in the business of selling portfolios or collecting agency dues, not finding you work.

Article by Jim Jurica, Chief Editor

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