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Summer is the time of year when the living is easy, the days are longer, and we loosen up and let our hair down.  But when it comes to summertime  hair… many of us are left looking  a bit more  frazzled than fabulous and careless rather than carefree.

Don’t fret!  These BeautyLook tips will keep you looking good no matter how high the mercury rises.

Work with what you’ve got:

If your hair is curly, wavy or kinky, it can be tricky trying to keep it stick-straight during the heat and high humidity of summer. If your hair is already straight, why spend hours trying to maintain bouncy curls? Instead, celebrate your hair’s natural texture and spend more time having fun in the sun.

New look, new you:

Summer is a great time to explore a new ‘do. You can put a new spin on your old ponytail by wearing it high, high, high! As a bonus, a high-pony will help you look taller. Spike it, twist it, braid it, slick it… summertime is the perfect time to explore a new hairstyle.


Hair ornaments have come a long way, baby.  Just take a look around at the variety of headbands, clips, scarves and pins at our disposal today.  Not to mention non-traditional accessories like feathers, chains and leather rope.  The right accessory can change your bad hair day into a fabulous look.

Choose the right products:

There are many products that are designed to combat the harsh elements of summer. Look for items that target your specific hair issues.  Does your hair swell to twice it’s normal volume in the summer swelter? Anti-humectants in pomade form will keep it manageable.

Heat making your hair droopy and lifeless:

Volumizing products, usually in spay form, will do the trick. Always read the labels and experiment until you find what works best for you.

Make a friend and get a recommendation:

The woman in your office with perfect hair, or the lady on the train who looks great (even after a long wait in the sun) can be your hair’s best friend.  Introduce yourself and ask what she uses. You might be surprised how resourceful other beauties can be.


Article by Tierra Fontaine

Terria Fontaine is a Chicago-based hair and makeup artist with a strong background in advertising and commercial work.  Please visit her website: