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by Jill Glaser, Makeup First Academy

It’s sunny, hot and humid. Your makeup starts to melt and run down your face.  How to keep your makeup intact?  There are a few tricks that pro makeup artists use to ensure long-lasting makeup even under even the most extreme temperatures.

1.  Use a mattifying product to prevent the skin from looking shiny.  Then, ditch the heavy foundation and powder.  Instead, look for a water-resistant tinted moisturizer with an SPF of at least 20.  If more coverage is desired, add a light, silicone-based foundation.  Silicone is melt-proof and water resistant. Since the silicone makeup won’t move, the face will not require any set powder, and the skin will retain its dewy glow.

2  As for the eye makeup?  We all know about waterproof mascaras.  However, now there are waterproof eyeliners available and also several liner pencils which contain a silicone-derivative, so that the liner won’t fade.

3  If there is makeup added to the eyebrows, an alcohol-based setting liquid should be lightly applied over the brow makeup to ensure longevity.

4  For the lips, use a lip pencil that contains a silicone-derivative, as well as a highly pigmented lip product, that will ensure that the lips will stay intact throughout the hot day.


Jill Glaser is a freelance makeup artist, as well as the founder of Makeup First School of Makeup Artistry in Chicago, Illiois.  Please visit her website at